Setting up Wifi hotspot on Windows 8

This afternoon I worked with others in the library, and came across some strange issues. My laptop was able to connect to the network, but there was another laptop having issues of “No Internet Connection”, despite its being connected to the network. I figured out a way of sharing the usable connection on my laptop.

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Working with DS131.2 data

I have been working on DS131.2 dataset since last week, but only till now have I figured out how to use it.

DS131.2 (Twentieth Century Global Reanalysis Version 2c, 20CR) is the reanalysis data during 1850-present. This is one of the only two options (the other is ERA dataset) that I could use, since I would like to do WRF simulations since 1910s. Unfortunately I had to spend about half a week figuring out how to get the correct data from the UCAR website. Continue reading

Better Organizing WRF data (ongoing)

So here comes some nice parts of working with Linux. I am trying to figure out running several WRF simulations in parallel (I am not talking about a MPI run of WRF) on the school cluster. From the simple run experience, we just need to compile the code, run the model. But what if I want to have multiple runs at the same time? I do not want to go into the “building-running-deleting” cycle, and I would like to figure out how to have several sets of namelists along with only one wps.exe/wrf.exe to do the simulation. This would make it handy when we need to recompile wrf.exe or wps.exe. I am writing down what I have tested, but there is no guarantee that this is correct. Continue reading

How to create code block in wordpress

I have been working on this issue for over a month, trying various approaches, from throwing in new plugins to switching to premium account. At last, I was about to give it up when I came across a good solution: the built-in support in wordpress.

Make it short, when you are editing a post, switch to “Text” mode, where you will see a lot of extra control language. At where you want to put a code block, type the following lines:


Then you are good to go! This will create something like following:

<your code>


NetCDF Guide (ongoing)

I have been dealing with NetCDF files extensively recently. This provides me a good opportunity of learning more about NCO and CDO. Also, Python has helped a lot before I figured out the NetCDF4 support in CDO. I am collecting all the useful information here, as my future reference.


1.  Basic knowledge of NetCDF

2.  Creating a NetCDF file

3.  Reading, plotting

4.  Editing, editing

5.  Dealing with multiple files

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