Citation and reference

Working around citation and reference during paper preparation is sometimes a headache. A good literature manager software (like RefWorks I am using) would make life so much better!

A good way to utilize RefWorks is to have it generate the reference list with the style we want. RefWorks has a huge library for these styles, but it needs some time to get what you want. Here is a step by step instruction. I was working on reference list for Biogeoscience recently. We go to the online account page, and choose “Bibliography” tab (shown below).

Figure 1

Then choose “Output Style Manager”. Then in the left you would find a huge library of journals, and it is very likely that what we need is already included. Choose what we need, and add them into “Favorites” (right box). It is done! Next time you can easily find the journal in your Favorites list. If you use Write-N-Cite add-on in Microsoft Word, do not forget to sync your database again before using it.

However, there are still several problems with RefWorks. A main problem is that it does not automatically include DOI for most of the reference. I found it a good habit to check whether the DOI is imported right after we import the item. Using Google scholar, it is simple to import item into our personal library. Just click “Cite” (see below), then choose “RefWorks” in the pop up window. The item will be automatically imported into you library.


Then check whether DOI is available. If it is not, then we add it through “Edit Reference” window.

Note: For DOI of literature in Chinese, it is always good to start with WangFang database (

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